Sales Catalogue of Buildings, Farms and Land - Pwllheli & Area 1907

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Counties: County of Carnarvon
Locations: Town of Pwllheli, Parishes of Denio, Llannor, Penrhos, Bodfean and Nevin
Sale of: 
Valuable Freehold Building Sites Situate in and Having Frontage to Ala Road in Pwllheli; also Several Important Freehold Farms and Charmingly Situated Small Holdings and Allotment Gardens, Accommodation Lands etc. Situate in the Parishes of Denio, Llannor, Penrhos, Bodfean and Nevin
Date of Sale: Wednesday the 23rd Day of October, 1907
Vendor: William Dew & Son
Location of Sale: The Town Hall, Pwllheli
Publisher: Caxton Press : Bangor
Format/Binding: Paperback
Pages: 24p
Condition: Poor

This item is an auction sales book for various properties in and around the North Wales area.

Reference and Particulars of the following (Information Taken from the Pages Themselves):

Parish of Denio, Town of Pwllheli Valuable Freehold Building Sites, with Frontages to Ala Road. These Choice Sites Form Portions of the Valuable Property Known as Fron-Deg  

  • Frondeg (Part of). Now Known As Dicksons Nurseries - Lots 1 - 6 (Pages 4-5)
  • Frondeg (Part of). - Lots 7-11 (Pages 5-6)
  • Frondeg (Part of). Now Known As Dicksons Nurseries - Lots 12-15 (Pages 6-7)
  • Frondeg (Part of). - Lots 16-21 (Pages 7-8)
  • Allotment Gardens and Accommodation Land - Frondeg (Part of). - Lots 22-23 (Page 9)
  • Accommodation Land - Frondeg (Part of). - Lots 24-25 (Page 9)

Freehold Farms, Parishes of Denio & Penrhos

  • Penmaen or Castell Penmaen - Lot 26 (Pages 10-11)
  • Castell Penmaen (Part of). Lot 27 (Page 11)
  • Cae Felin - Lot 28 (Page 11)

Parishes of Llannor & Penrhos Accommodation Land

  • Penmaen-bach - Lots 29 (Page12)
  • Castell Penmaen (Part of). - Lot 30 (Page 12)

Parishes of Llannor & Bodfean

  • Bodfel Hall - Lots 31 (Pages 13-15)
  • Coed Bodfel, Bodfel Hall (Part of), and Bodfel Woods or Keepers Lodge - Lot 32 (Page 15)
  • Bodfel Hall (Part of). - Lot 33 (Page 16)

Parish of Llannor

  • Bodfel Bach - Lot 34 (Page 16)
  • Gefail-y-Bont - Lot 35 (Page 17)
  • Rhyd Hir Mill (Corn) - Lot 36 (Page 17)

Parishes of Bodfean & Llannor

  • Gwnhinger - Lot 37 (Pages 18-19)

In the Parishes of Bodfean & Llannor

  • Penmaen Isaf - Lot 38 (Page 19)

In the Parishes of Nevin, Bodfean & Llannor

  • Penmaen Uchaf - Lot 39 (Page 20)

Plans Included in Book

  • No Plans Included with this Book

As can be seen from the photos the book is in quite poor condition, the covers and pages are age discoloured and torn but each page is readable with the exception of pages 23-24 which are loose and very torn. There are some written notations on some pages, mainly appearing to show prices paid. The cover, some outer pages and the centre pages have come away from the main body of the book, the back cover appears to be missing and the staples are rusted and have stained the inner edge of some pages. It's unclear as to whether there was an index page as appears in other similar books but there isn't one present in this particular book.

If you are considering purchasing this item and have any questions regarding the contents or condition we would advise you to contact us prior to purchase and we will endeavour to assist you with your query.


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